You’re Invited! To an event, to be loyal, to eat and celebrate!

christinestevens | February 24, 2012 – 9:10 pm
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The ADDY Awards are TOMORROW and we are getting more and more excited!  Just about as excited as we were when our good friends and good clients Grant Cooper and Charles Clark opened Brasserie 19  in 2011.  In fact, it was the invitation for their preview night and all the branded pieces you will find in their award winning restaurant that landed us our two final awards!

We won a total of four awards and the third piece is in category 10B, Special Event Material. (You can read more about our first and second winning pieces here and here) Charged by the Brasserie 19 team to create something fresh, memorable and most importantly, precious, this is what we came up with:

Brasserie 19 Invitation

Designed by Associate Partner Jim Miner, the invitation consisted of a printed piece as well as a custom branded 2’’ medallion.  Setting the tone for the night, the invitation instructed guests to present the medallion for entry into the event.  It was a very special evening for hundreds of the team’s closest friends to celebrate Houston’s newest destination restaurant.  Later distributed to their very best customers, these medallions have also become the markers of an exclusive, and subtle, loyalty program.  Owners of the medallion will present these on their tables once they are seated and the wait staff will immediately put in motion a number of small privileges that are certain to make the evening a little more special.  (Note:  We’re terribly sorry, but we don’t have any extras.)

Our fourth and final winning piece is in Category 53, Consumer, Local.  This award category has allowed us to present nine of our favorite branded pieces that all contribute to the strength of the execution of the Brasserie 19 brand across all consumer-facing touch points.  From the coasters andplacemats, to the business cards of their management, everything is branded Brasserie.

B19 Sample of Branded Items

We even had the opportunity to custom design their private labeled wine bottles, an effort that not only extends the restaurant brand but also embraces the personal brands of both wine-loving owners who have become well known for their extensive offerings and just-above-retail pricing concept.

B19 Wine: Red and White

Again, if you haven’t eaten at Brasserie 19 yet, you definitely should.  Make a reservation on the Facebook page.  Their food and service are equally amazing and it will surely be a night to remember.  Oh, and they’ll drive you home!

Brasserie 19 Car Service